This webpage has been created in memory of Mr. Tenio Latev, born 1917 in Bulgaria.

Tenio Latev, was born in Harmanli in southern Bulgaria, where the Latev Family was involved in Tabacco & Trading. Before WW II , Mr. Tenio Latev was heading the family business.

In 1947 Tenio Latev married the daughter of the local priest and had two children with her, who currently live in Bulgaria and Switzerland.

The Latev family served many clients from all over the world incl. Phillip Morris and some of the other big tobacco companies.

After 1949, the communist government in Bulgaria took power and nationalized the tabacco business, forcing the Latev family out of it. However Tenio Latev was lucky to be promoted as the General Manager of the newly formed, state owned company, called Bulgartabac. The reason for this was, Tenio Latev's worldwide network of clients and his ability to find diplomatic solutions for complicated business problems.

Tenio Latev was not a supporter of the Communist Party but the position he held, made it mandatory for him to join the Party. He served the Party at his best effort and was promoted several times, during his professional political career. It is known today that he was one of the few government officials, who never accepted bribes. Coming from a wealthy and successful business family, that has been expropriated, Tenio Latev was a modest, soft hearted giant ( 195cm tall ).

The Latev Family was moved to Sofia in 1951, where Tenio Latev served as the General Manager and Director for Bulgartobak until 1985.

During his career he was given the privilege to travel the world, from New York to Moscow and many other destinations. Only a few chosen people back in these days of communist Bulgaria were able to do this.

An Austrian author recently published a book based on materials found in archives in Vienna/Austria, the book's name is: Bulgartabak im Austriapack, which mentions Tenio Latev and his work for the government during the East-West trading relationships.

Tenio Latev was a good father and husband and an even better grandfather to his three grandkids, one of them named after him and currently based in Hong Kong.

Tenio Latev unfortunately died 1989, a few months before the communist era came to a sudden end. He was not able to witness the reestablishing of a free society in his beloved country. His wife died 6 months after him, family members say it was of a broken heart... She could not live without her husband.

Hong Kong, March 8th 2013

written by Tenio Latev, your grandson, who misses you and often thinks about the good times we had....


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